In maths we played bingo. We had to solve numbers problems that used different types of mathematical language. Bingo prize was three Maltesers.

Sharing our progress in writing.

We shared our writing assessments together today in English. We discussed the things that went well in our writing and the wishes that Miss Bellamy added for next time. We compared our writing from September with our writing from this week to see how far we have come already. We were all vey surprised at the improvements we had made and the targets that we can now mark off! Let’s keep up the hard work class 1!!!

Sewing club’s successes.

In sewing club we have been busy making bunting for our new workshop.  Well done to all the pupils that attend each Wednesday and are quickly acquiring new skills.

Co-operative learning

We have been working as a team today to create our own board games. We worked with a partner to chose the theme and decided on the skills that our game would develop. We then shared our games with each other and tried them out. We rated them out of 10 too!

Which game would you like to play?

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Transition session 2 – working as a team.

Today we have been working as a team with our new class mates. We talked about the skills we need to be a good team. The children felt that listening, sharing, caring and supporting each other were really important. We played some team games in our new topic groups to make sure we were using all of the skills we had talked about.

Dont forget to ask us about which topic group we are in next year! We are very excited about it!

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Budding artists!

We have been looking at  the ceramic artist Clarice Cliff over the past fortnight. We have researched her life and works, we have copied some of her most famous work for a display and then had a go at creating our own piece of work which has been inspired by her ceramics.

We have been learning about primary and secondary colours which has helped us to mix colours with paint. We explored mixing a range of colours and have tried adding white or black to them to add tone or tints.

What a bright and colourful classroom we have! We have really enjoyed being artists and we have got lots to tell you about Clarice Cliff and her art work.

I wonder what other ceramic pottery designers there are??? Leave a reply if you find out about any others!

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Transition Morning – New Class 1

We have spent some time this morning as our new class. It was great fun to see all of the children working hard and bonding together. We painted some self portraits, wrote some stories, played on the iPads and played maths games. Afterwards we had a circle time to talk about our favourite activities in school.

I’m really excited for September now and I hope that the Year 2 children had a good time in Class 2!!!!

Here are some comments from the children:

“I can’t wait to come back again next week” Jacob.

“I liked doing circle time best” Lacey

“it was outstanding,” Amira


Isabel’s blog

Isabel has asked to write the blog today…

This frog started off as a tadpoles then had two back legs then two front hands then the tail and then it’s called a froglet  but very soon the tail is gone becase it’s a proper frog not a froglet 🐸🐸